Banff Trail Riders




132 Banff Avenue


$ 82 - $ 129






Looking for a truly unique Banff experience? Hop on the sleigh with Banff Trail Riders and get ready for an unforgettable experience. Choose from a public ride, group ride or private ride to customise your experience. As you board your horse drawn sleigh, delight in your surroundings and the breathtaking Banff scenery. Halfway through the ride you will see 3 Mile Cabin where you will be welcomed with western hospitality and a meal of finger licking barbecue. Before dinner, channel your inner cowboy and play horseshoes or practice your lasso. With steak, potatoes, baked beans made from scratch, and salad, you will delight in this truly Banff experience.

On your return voyage, your belly will be full and you can feast your eyes on scenery like no other. Unmatched views of the Sulphur Mountain Trail and the Windy Knoll will be the perfect cherry on this sundae. A sleigh ride and a truly delicious meal with amazing views? It may sound too good to be true, but its ready and waiting for you at Banff Trail Riders.


Patricia Jones

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