Booster Juice




317 Banff Avenue


$ 4- $ 11





Sometimes we take our bodies for granted. Booster Juice gives you the opportunity to do something good for your body. Sample one of their smoothies or even a Fresh-Squeezed juice to get your diet back on track and give your body the nutrients it deserves. Choose from a variety of smoothies ranging from their Classics to their ‘Hardcore Smoothies’. If the fresh fruits and veggies aren’t enough, add in a booster for energy, power or even density with added calcium. With 10 freshly-squeezed juice combinations, you may find it hard to pick one. Flavours like Cool-Cucumber and Red Sunrise will give you health boost your body craves.

If you are not in the mood to sip, delight in their paninis, quesadillas and wraps. Here you will find green tea, plenty of Wheatgrass, acai, and much much more. Healthy, convenient and fast, give back to your body, it does a lot for you.