Eddie Burger & Bar




137 Banff Avenue


$ 14 - $ 18



Sometimes the only remedy for any ailment is a big slab of beef covered in melted cheese and topped with an incredibly fresh bun. If you are in need of a burger fix, get your buns over to The Eddie and fast. This place has a lot of personality and they make food that does as well. With 12 kinds of burgers, yummy wings, dogs, poutine and even salads, your hardest decision will be what to eat first.

To put the cherry on top of your burger fantasy, finish off with a milkshake. If you’re feeling a little wild, opt for a boozy milkshake like ‘The Dude’ or ‘Burt Reynolds’. If creamy concoctions aren’t your thing, you must try a trash can. The Eddie is famous for them and it is a true Banff experience you need to see to believe.