Grizzly House




207 Banff Avenue


$35 - $80



Get together. Closer…. closer… perfect. Eating at Grizzly House means getting cozy and sharing with your fellow diners. This is not the ideal place for a quick bite. Grizzly House is meant to be enjoyed and savoured. Spending 2 to 3 hours here is nowhere near uncommon. This unique and fun Banff classic specialises in fondue and they do it oh-so-perfectly.  In addition to their creamy and delicious fondue, do not miss their sizzling hot rock. With the hot rock at your table cook up one of 14 varieties of beef, buffalo or even rattle snake fresh for the dipping.

A fun and interactive dinner is waiting for you at Grizzly. But do not forget dessert. Their Toblerone fondue will transport you right to Switzerland and straight into a chocolate coma. Stab and dip is fondue time.