Ricky's All Day Grill




333 Banff Avenue


$13 - $22




Comfortable and casual Ricky’s serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner with a side of hospitality. Enjoy a cozy seat by the fire or a big family-style booth. Breakfast, arguably the most important meal of the day, has met its match with Ricky’s. With their famous Brekkie-Bowl and seven (yes seven) types of Eggs Benedict, don’t expect to need a big lunch after visiting Ricky’s. If you are looking for something later in the day, the menu is just as vast. Stress not picky eaters! Massive salads, mouth-watering burgers and pizza galore are all features on Ricky’s expansive menu.

Tight on cash? Ricky’s offers a lot of bang for your buck. With large portions and prices that won’t break the bank, you will leave with a full belly and a full wallet.