Rundle Lounge




405 Spray Avenue


$16 - $22



Fancy a nice cuppa? In our fast paced world, its hard to find a moment of tranquility. Luckily, Rundle has captured it for you with their afternoon tea. This unmissable opportunity offers 12 loose leaf options and a view that will take your breath away. Taste their yummy pastries and relax in the cozy, chic atmosphere.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a kick, sip on one of their hand crafted cocktails or one of their impressive wine offerings. With menu items perfect for sharing and snacking, Rundle is the perfect place to kick back and relax with the perfect sight for sore eyes. Enjoy their live music on Fridays and Saturdays whilst nibbling on a burger or gourmet sandwich. Rundle is a uniquely Banff experience you can’t miss.