Squish Sandwich Cellar




211 Banff Avenue


$14 - $15




So you wanna sandwich? Get 'yer own, dang it! And here in the place, smack dab in the middle of Banff Avenue, tucked one floor beneath the hustle and bustle.

If you thought you've eaten the best sandwich in the world and it wasn't at Squish, I'm sorry, it just wasn't the best. You need to try their Montreal Smoked Meat, layered so high you'd put money on it that they needed a building permit to construct it!

And then there are the milkshakes. I like to think of them as fuel from the heavens, that power me up for my action-filled days in Banff, and take me back milkshakes my dad and his generation knew milkshakes to be. 

Pop down, fuel up, and learn how why a sandwich really is a meal.