Toque Canadian Pub




138 Banff Avenue


$ 14 - $ 27



Oh Canada! A visit to Toque is about as patriotic as it gets outside of the National Anthem. Toque celebrates all things we love about our Maple Leaf country. Here you will find a day long menu which features all the Canadian comfort food classics you know and love including three kinds of poutine, mac and cheese and pork chops. Grab a board game from the shelf and pass the time quickly while Toque whips up your meal using all of the best local ingredients.

Work off some of those comfort calories by heading over to the golf and hockey simulator in the back room. Or just sink into one of their big comfy couches and enjoy an all-Canadian menu of wines, beers, and cocktails. Pop on your Toque and get ready for a fun Canadian time! Sounds good, eh?