Boston Pizza




1704 Bow Valley Trail


$13 - $24

Boston Pizza gets you, they know you like options. You have a huuuuuuge family? They have a table for that. Want some big-arsed screens and a comfy chair for the next big game day? Saddle on up! Or perhaps you have your own team you need to sit down with to celebrate. No worries, this is the place.

I’m not just talking about seating options when it comes to Boston Pizza. I’m talking MENU options, and we know I like my menus!

Boston Pizza’s menu offers as many possible choices you and your crew could want. With plenty of signature dish options and all the toppings your little heart could desire, you will be sure to find your pizza soulmate here. Veggie and gluten-free options are there loaded up as well should you have dietary restrictions. Not in the mood for za? No worries, try any of their other many options including sandwiches, pastas and more.