Wild Orchid Bistro & Sushi Lounge




1818 Mountain Avenue


$17 - $29

Say it with me: ‘Ommmm’. Find your inner peace at Wild Orchid Bistro where you instantly feel a sense of tranquility when you step in the door. Adorned with Buddhas and images of the east, let your stress fade away. Are you gluten free? Good news! Wild Orchid offers a fully G-free menu for your lip smacking delight. Each dish is made to order and contains the freshest ingredients possible. Delight in tempura, the raw bar and your sushi staples as you sip a Sapporo and take in the chic atmosphere.  If sushi isn’t your thing, try the tapas. These small plates are perfect for sharing, although you may not want to. With treats like bacon and enoki bites and seared scallops, you may want to keep them to yourself.

To add to your Zen experience, step outside on to their incredible patio where you can witness some of the best sceneries in Canmore. Marshmallows are complimentary and you are encouraged to roast in their large, cozy fire pit. Relaxation is ready and waiting.