Bisla Sweets Restaurant & Meatshop




38132 2nd Avenue


$12 - $20

Bisla Sweets, Restaurant & Meat Shop, is an Indian restaurant a bit off the beaten path in Squamish. Find it and you've found a gem.

Located near Save On foods on Pemberton Avenue, this family-run business, makes everything homemade, resulting in authentic and delicious Indian plates, desserts, and drinks.

You know it's a good Indian restaurant when the smell of it perfumes the entire parking lot, and you start salivating the moment you step out of your car. That's bliss...I mean Bislas!!!  

Try the Fish Tikka, so tender and spicy, or Tandoori Chicken, oh...and the Chai. The taste of the Chai is distinct and I think it's the Cardammon!!! Decadent. Rich. Always worth it.

Bislas is by far the go-to choice for people looking for a well priced meal. Not many folks know about this place—and it's a treat to have an authentic dining experience outside of India—so find a table and celebrate the fact that you've found a not-yet-discovered gem. The amazing variety of dishes will give you a reason to come back, if not for the price!

Dine in or take out.