Dragon Terrace Chinese Restaurant




38037 Cleveland Ave


$10.50 - $14.95

WOW excellent lunch combo options, and at a great price, too. For $9.50 each we shared 2 combo for 1 dishes - each combo included wonton soup at Dragon Terrace Chinese Restaurant. Had chow mein with honey garlic pork plus chow mein with beef and broccoli. Couldn't finish the portions, they were so plentiful. It was so fresh and tasty! Excellent service too.

This little family owned and operated Chinese food spot is great when you have a craving. No big surprises here but yummy western style Chinese food served up fast and at a good price. Dine in or take out. But if you dine in, you're in for another treat: The family who runs it is always friendly, very pleasant, and most of all THEY CARE. They respond to almost all of their online reviews, taking into consideration the food and dining experience of each individual. Who does that anymore? 

That's the kind of service that results in tastier food, happier customers, and improved legacy. We respect that. Small town attention. 

Gladly choose to support this family operated business, and they support my Chinese food cravings.