Howe Sound Brew Pub




37801 Cleveland Avenue


$15 - $26

You can't talk about the Howe Sound Brew Pub without tapping into some Squamish town history. 

The "Brew Pub" opened in 1996, winning the immediate adoration of "old-school" Squamptonians with a thirst for good beer.

Rock climbers, loggers, and other adventurers filled the seats of this lodge-like pub hungry for burgers and quenched for pints long before "craft brewing" was popular.

A lot has changed in Squamish since then. Like, you can't say "The Brew Pub" and ensure people know you mean the Howe Sound Brew Pub anymore, because there are more than one brewery + pubs in town. And craft brewing is more commonplace than apples in a fruit bowl.

But the nostalgia and consistent patronage to Howe Sound Brew Pub has never faltered. They're committed to grade-A service, delightful live music events, excellent daily food specials, and ever evolving beer recipes. 

THAT'S a recipe for restaurant success. 

Technically, the establishment is a pub and a restaurant, operated in two separate rooms, with the same menu. The pub is more gregarious, lively, and community-oriented, whereas the restaurant side is a bit quieter and better for families. Take your pick 

Either way, have fun with their tasty menu that often brings something new to traditional plates. Like the Elk Salami Firebread Pizza with green peppers, button mushrooms, and mozzarella, Dirty Fries with pepperoncinis, bacon, smoked cheddar, scallions, and truffle oil, or the classic BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with house smoked sweet corn relish, slaw and Rail Ale BBQ sauce.

Treat yourself to a tall one, a slice of Squamish history, and a pretty-much-gaurenteed tastebud crowd pleaser.