Mountain Burger House


(604) 892-5544


38198 Cleveland Ave


$8 - $13




Every town needs a greasy spoon, and look no further than Mountain Burger House

At this old-school diner, you order at the counter and take a seat among the bright red tables and chairs. Pour your own coffee from a station as you sit and wait for your order, either one of the company's epithet burgers (the Mountain Burger, or Mini Mountain Burger), or an all-day breakfast like the bacon and eggs, chorizo omelet, or french toast combo.  

Then, sit back, listen to the skillet sizzle behind the window. Enjoy some people watching through the massive windows, and do your best to work up an  appetite as big as it can get. 

Your server, wearing a black apron will bring you a fork, knife, catsup and one MIGHTY meal.

Plentiful portions with economic prices are, really, a luxury these days. But at the Mountain Burger House you get both. Big plates, piled with food will be sure to cure that hangover, power a day in the mountains, or curb an exceptionally mountain hunger. 

I'll be coming back way more often.