Saha Eatery




38132 2ND Ave


$12 - $22

The other day, a coworker of mine said Saha Eatery was his favourite restaurant in the world. In the world! "It used to be some spot in Boston, Massachusetts," he said, but Saha's middle eastern menu has snatched the top spot. 

And I have to say, while I don't know if Saha is my favourite restaurant in the WORLD, it is really, really good. 

But my coworker isn't alone...As one of Squamish's newest restaurants, situated on 2nd and Winnipeg, Saha is quickly earning the fondness of many locals, becoming their new #1 touted dinner spot, both because of the exceptional food and the curated ambiance. It's not a blue-collar vibe, and rarely are there kids bouncing around. Instead you see couples, adults, business partners doing something almost like "fine dining" in Squamish. It's more upscale than casual dining. Some menu highlights include the deep fried cauliflower, the three hummus plate, and anything falafel. 

Oh, oh, oh, and do you happen to have a dinner party or event? Saha also offers catering, it's an excellent complement to an evening, I've done it several times.