Spice Root Kitchen and Bar




40022 Government Road


$12 - $17

Transcend rainy Howe Sound, and arrive in spicy Thailand....Helloooo, Spice Root Kitchen and Bar!

I don't know which to talk about first, the food or the cocktails. 

Their thai food menu features vibrantly spiced salads, curries, soups and noodle dishes that will get your tastebuds excited and your sweat glands activated.

But lo....no!...the drinks are really where my mind goes first.

Delicately crafted cocktails make the Spice Root one of my favorite cocktail bars in town, even though they're not exactly a cocktail bar. They should be. The ambiance is very lounge-y with dark hues, comfy couches, and a big fireplace. I easily get lost in the completely immersive comfort, and complex flavors of their extraordinarily well made Old Fashioned. At the back of the restaurant there's a big room, fantastic for an adult birthday party, where you can sit down, stand up, move couches and chairs, and get cozy.  

When the food arrives be prepared to be punched in the face with flavor, taking you out of whatever mind drift you've fallen into, and landing you smack dab in the middle of Bangkok. 

Take a break from the norm, and travel to The Spice Root if you're ready for some sensual awakening.