Sunflower Bakery Cafe




38086 Cleveland Ave.


$4 - $10

One of the things I love the most about the Sunflower Bakery Café is their soups. There's nothing quite like a warm, wholesome, homemade soup after several days of rain in the middle of Squamish winter. Gosh they're delicious. Of course, the bread is good, too. It IS a bakery, after all. From loaves of sourdoughs and ryes, to packets of fresh cookies, Sunflower Bakery definitely has the "bakery" part of their business on lock down.

But for those who don't eat bread for whatever reason (I'm talking to you glutards), I highly recommend a soup. 

Very few establishments offer as yummy, and as quick, of a lunch for downtown Squamptonians like Sunflower.  Don't like soup? Who are you? Yes, you can get a sandwich too. Made to order, and put in darling brown sack bag for takeout. You can also order cakes for special occasions or salad dressing from scratch. 

Careful, not open on Mondays.