The Joinery




1861 Mamquam Rd


$14 - $26

When I go to The Joinery, I always feel like the experience is more about the dining than the eating.

Does that make sense?

The new restaurant, which opened in 2017, features small and large plates that are designed to be mixed, matched and shared. Shared, that means people are sharing, aka talking, collaborating, ordering and coming together, which turns "eating a meal" into much more of an "experiencing a mealtime." 

I can see why they called it The Joinery. 

Whats more, the opening of the Joinery marks a turning point in Squamish restaurant culture, one that sees the revival of the old. Situated in a upcycled greenhouse, and featuring a beautifully refurbished shipping container as its cocktail bar, the Joinery is a unique combination of the sharing economy, the ritual of food and dining, and the recrafting of local spaces into something new. 

Its menu reflects intentional or conscious eating paradigms, using local ingredients and a rotating menu in sync with seasonality. 

The cocktails are second to none. 

<<< Insider tip: Try ordering the Jimmy Margarita (not on the menu) for an extra little delight. >>>

Come with a friend, a date, a significant other, or all of the above. While it's a little classier than most eating establishments in town, all seem welcome.