The Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar




37991 Second Avenue


$17 - $24

Stepping up Squamish's restaurant scene single handedly is the elegant — and always delicious — Salted Vine Kitchen + Bar. 

The Salted Vine is arguably the only, truly, upscale restaurant in Squamish, opened in September 2016, leaving a monumental mark on locals who like to dream about what the future of food could look like in this town. Upscale, curated, reviewed.  

This "New-Canadian Cuisine" place, has considered every detail: tasteful decor, dignified stemware, a hard-to-pronounce menu, and service manners that are unmatched in the rest of town.

Try the Scallop Crudo with prosciutto, fennel, cucumber, apple pureé, aji amarillo  or the Lobster Salad with yuzu mayo, trout roe, avocado, berbere spiced corn chips. Or if you're looking to feel a group, order the Charcuterie plate with assorted, pickled mustard seeds, and gherkins.

Folks from the Sea-to-Sky corridor recognize owner Pat Allan who was formerly at the Araxi in Whistler, a celebrated local eatery with all the swank you can fit into a $$$$ establishment. They also acknowledge The Salted Vine has the location, chef, and sommelier to be the fine dining experience that (hopefully forever) ups the ante of exquisiteness in our mountain town. 

Pick your favorite outfit, dust off your class act, and enjoy the luxury of fine dining at The Salted Vine. Oh, and don't forget to show it off to your in-laws the next time they're in town. :)