The Watershed Grill




41101 Government Road


$13 - $24

Want a real treat? Go to the Watershed Grill.

It's a not-to-miss for out-of-towners and a once-a-weeker for locals. Tucked alongside the Squamish River on Government Road, you get great food, an intimate view of the wild Tantalus mountain landscape, and second-to-none service every time.

What do I mean by an intimate view of the Tantalus? I mean the first time I came here I watched a black bear fish for salmon on the other side of the river.

Show me where in NYC you can get that kind of live entertainment!?

There's kind of two versions of the Watershed, in my opinion. There's the dining, which mostly takes place in the covered patio and during the day, and then there's the bar, which is open late and is a regular after-hours hangout. 

In fact, I slightly prefer it as a late-night venue. Perfect for a lingering date, or after-dinner drink, the Watershed bar is one of the best after 11pm destinations in Squamish complete with cocktails, beer, ciders, and regular specials.

<<<< Locals tip: Watershed serves food til 11pm. Settle that late night food craving! >>>>

The menu meets your needs: pastas, burgers, cheesy appetizers that leave your mouth watering and tummy full. But while the food is good, it's the full dining experience that makes you want to come to the Watershed. I once counted 14 bald eagles while dining. 

I'll bet my bottom dollar you'll stay at the Watershed longer than you anticipated. It's comfortable, somehow induces great conversation, and is in general just pleasing

As they say here: "Shed happens."