White Spot Restaurant




1200 Hunter Place


$13 - $28

I went to the White Spot Restaurant for the first time after having driven past it maybe 2000 times, because it's one of those places that has a great location, but it's kinda hard to get to. 

Located centrally at Highway 99 and Cleveland, you have to drive around Buckley Avenue, through the Nestor's parking lot, and dodge all the people and their grocery carts, to get to it. That's the con. 

The pros are the reliably good eats for families. This Canadian chain got its start when it's founder was selling hot dogs and peanuts out of his Ford Model T back in 1928. Since then, the menu's gotten a lot bigger—11 pages bigger, to be exact—including sections like "Snacks & Shares," "Sandwiches & More," and "Pastas & Bowls" to name a few. It's SURE to please a picky crowd. With comfy booth seating, and a clean practical ambiance. 

I tried the Spinach and Artichoke Quesadilla with a side of cole slaw and fries. My favourite part was that the cole slaw and fries came together as one side dish. Love that. The meal came out quickly with catsup on the table as quick as the fries. And, reliably, two bites into my meal, my server came to check in on me. That's the kind of service that's hard-wired in nearly 100 years of business. 

Needing a spot that'll be a SURE winner? Put White Spot on speed dial.