Wigan Pier




40340 Tantalus Blvd


$8 - $12

The first thing you notice when you walk into Wigan Pier is the entryway. It's plastered with "Best of" certificates: Best of Squamish, Best of BC, Best Fish, Best Fish & Chips....and years and year of it.

"Man," you think, "can this place really be that good?" The decor doesn't really scream top end. But just wait—the the fish 'n' chips sure do! This stuff is GOOD, folks, and for good reason.... 

Owner Greg Venables grew up in a small village near Wigan, England before working for major hotels across the world in Munich (Germany), London (England), Bermuda, Toronto (Canada), Boston (USA) and Sydney (Australia). By the time he'd opened Wigan Pier he'd earned a gold medal in West Germany, "manager of the quarter" in 1992 and a deep expansion of knowledge of foods worldwide.

The Wigan Pier menu is short an obvious focus on fish and chips, offered in three different types of fish including cod, haddock, and halibut. They all come buttery and crispy, a fine dance between well cooked outside and fresh, melt in your mouth inside of fish meat. Mmmm. If you're not feeling fishy, you could get your fingers a little greasy with chicken baskets or a pot pie, but really, why bother. Get the fish and chips! You will not be disappointed. 

Located in Garibaldi Estates in a small cluster of restaurants, your night is set at Wigan Pier.