Zephyr Cafe




38084 Cleveland Ave


$9 - $14




This eclectic cafe in the heart Downtown Squamish is a mix between delicious all-day eats, and a healthy dollop of zaniness. 

The zaniness comes first.

When you order, expect to be handed a random plastic-toy in the shape of a lion, or a hippo, or a princess. You're meant to take that with you to your table as a table marker. Then, try to decide whether you want to sit outside in the lovely patio, a deconstructed clawfoot bathtub, or inside among other consistently mismatched decor.

That's the kind of experience you get at the Zephyr Café. 

But lucky for you, the weird-cafe vibe doesn't outshine the flavor of the food. The Zephyr uses local ingredients and unique flavor combinations, and prepares most of their menu items handmade to order. 

It's got veggie, vegan, raw and gluten-free dishes for breakfast and lunch.

It's a coffeeshop, yes, but the Zephyr isn't always the fastest option for a coffee. It's more like an all day hang out spot, pretty much guaranteed to be full of people eating, working from computers, chatting, and sipping coffee—ALL day, But one breakfast burrito or quinoa rice bowl with the signature Zephyr dressing, and you're sure to have a happier belly.