Sick of burgers and fries? Want to try something new? Try Saaz, an Indian restaurant which specializes in fine dining in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  Saaz offers locally sourced poultry and meat in their creative, authentic Indian dishes which have earned them a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ on TripAdvisor. Feeling especially hungry for lunch? Saaz has a lunch buffet with all of your Indian favourites.

Spice Jammer




852 Fort St.





So you like it hot, do you? The Spice Jammer uses fresh spices made to your preferred intensity of heat and high quality ingredients. This is a longtime family-owned eatery featuring a range of traditional Indian dishes in a relaxed ambience. Simply amazing flavours.  

The food is spectacular, so the story goes. Mango lassie is silky smooth and a great sweetness juxtaposed to the heat of the spicy food. This is quite literally the best Indian food many a Victorian has ever eaten. So check it out, and comment below in my blog comments. 

* note, author is allergic to certain spices so can't enjoy herself. So tell her (me) all about it and make me jealous.



Varsha is a family owned Indian Kitchen serving authentic food in downtown, Victoria. Named after Varsha, who is the inspiration behind the idea of Indian home cooking,  be prepared for unique comfort food served to you in a vibrant yet cozy, downtown environment, in what was once, one of Victoria's earliest theatres.