A cozy, authentic Japanese atmosphere makes the Ebizo experience memorable for lunch or dinner. And with 40 dining room seats and an 8-seat bar, there’s always a comfortable corner whether you’re looking for an afternoon or intimate evening in front of the 46” flat screen TV. Feel like lying low? Ebizo offers an outstanding take-out menu as well!

Ebizo Japanese Restaurant has been one of Victoria’s most popular sushi bars for over 14 years. Conveniently located between the city’s tourist-oriented Government Street and the commercial hub of Douglas Street, it’s no wonder that this locals’ favourite enjoys such a diverse and colourful clientele.




604 Broughton Street


$2 - $17

Menu Highlights

Experience favourite starters such as Vegetable Tempura, Albacore Tuna Tataki, Venison Tataki and Smoked Duck.

Sashimi classics include Tuna, Salmon and Octopus, while Sashimi Donburi offerings feature Tekka Don, Ikura Don, Chirashi, and Unagi Don. 

Enjoy all the Nigiri you can wave your chopsticks at! Tamago, Tako, Tobiko, Inari, Ebi, Hamachi, Ahi, Unagi, Uni… it’s all here.

Sushi combinations come in Roll & Cone dishes, the Ebizo Combination or the decadent Deluxe Assorted Sushi plate. Don’t miss the house specialty, the Ricky Roll, a medley of prawn tempura, tuna, salmon and avocado. Lunch and dinner options from Bento Box Specials to New York Steak Teriyaki.