Jam Cafe




542 Herald Street.
Victoria B.C.


$7 - $15

Located in beautiful Old Town Victoria, Jam Cafe offers incredible homemade fare in a rustic city atmosphere.  Their unique menu will tempt you to step out of your breakfast or lunch comfort zone with choices including Green Eggs and Ham, Red Velvet Pancakes, or their take on classic sandwiches, like the Reuben and BELTCH (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ham). The staff are enthusiastic and friendly making Jam Cafe a triple threat, delicious food, welcoming atmosphere and great service.

With daily food and drink features regulars are always guaranteed variety.  If you are new to Jam Cafe, the assortment of menu options will not disappoint.  Whether sweet, savoury or traditional, there is a perfect meal waiting for you at Jam.