Sante Gluten-Free Cafe




2630 Quadra Street


$ 5 - $ 15



Being Gluten-Free is not always easy when you’re eating out. Or for me, as I follow an auto-immune paleo protocol. Most restaurants only have a very limited menu, if anything at all. Well, fret not my g-free friends and those looking to eat healthy fuel. Sante’s Gluten-Free Café has your back. They are the first ever only G-Free café in Victoria, offering up tasty items including cheesecake, chicken pot pie, and even pizza.

In addition to Gluten-Free, Sante’s has options for many dietary restrictions including: diabetic, vegan, paleo and more. This gluten-free utopia allows you to cozy up on a comfy sofa and enjoy a tasty coffee or tea while knowing owner Hanna Kofman, celiac and gluten-free expert, has carefully selected each ingredient.