2232 Oak Bay Avenue


$ 17 - $ 25



At Vis-à-vis it's okay to wine a little, actually... make that wine a lot! Please do not confuse that with whine...cause that just doesn't happen here. Ever. With 24 table wines and 4 sparkling wines at all times, you will need to come back time and time again to try them all. The Charcuterie at Vis-à-vis cannot be missed. They offer several different options for meat and cheese boards, offering wine pairings to optimize your experience. Exposed brick, and funky chalk board walls make for a fun and comfortable atmosphere.

On the nicer days of spring, summer, and fall, grab a seat outside and enjoy the sights of Oak Bay Ave. Each visit to Vis-à-vis is a new and unique experiences, they believe in personalized dining and they do it super-duper well.