West Coast Waffles




1235 Broad St


$10 - $16



Located in beautiful downtown Victoria, West Coast Waffles is ready to service all your gourmet waffle needs.  And they do mean all of them, offering a wide variety of waffles including, gluten free, sugar free, and dairy free choices so everyone can enjoy what they have to offer.

They boast an enthusiastic and friendly staff happily serving delicious waffles for people of all ages to enjoy. From the sweet-tooth's to the salt-cravers, the carnivorous to the vegans, they have what you are looking for.  The Waffle story does not end there,  they don't simply stop at maple syrup and whip cream for toppings, they go one step further with a variety of savoury options and fresh fruit.  At West Coast Waffles, you will feel the enthusiasm and passion for waffles and creating an experience worth repeating.