The Perfect Pair

Well Halloween is in the bag, the tricks are treated and the pumpkins are smashed. That being said, it’s time to put away that pumpkin beer and start digging into the various seasonal ales Victoria has to offer.


Our great city is known for its densely packed dining scene, it’s also known for it’s packed in local breweries.


Beer isn’t just for getting your buzz on. The right brew can enhance a meal the same way that fine bottle of wine does. Let’s check out some seasonal offerings from out local brewers and check out what kind of bites we can munch on while we imbibe.



Phillips is becoming that standard go to beer for Victoria locals. It’s about as common in local pubs as Bud or Labatt if not more so. This year Phillips is bucking the IPA trend with their returning Scarfface.

Say hello to my little bitter friend! Scarfface is a lighter 4.3% cranberry citrus witbier.  White beers tend to be typically a summer beverage but this festive overhaul packs a bit of Belgium flair by way of the citrus and cran.


Consider pairing it alongside some seafood, or perhaps even some mussels? Oysters would be great to shuck the night away.




Vancouver Island Brewery

Ohhh.... British inspired beer! Aye.

Ohhh.... British inspired beer! Aye.


I’ll be Bock. Hermannator Ice Bock is a walloping 9.5% German Eisbock that is a chocolate-caramel tradition here in Victoria. This beer is darker than the skies on a rainy day and tastes like the holidays.


Consider pairing this strong, smooth and malty beer with something salty. Perhaps get very German with a little cheese like Stilton or a Gouda. Dark beer also pairs well with savory spices such as Cajun or Jerk.




let's give this big boy the space he needs on this page! I don't want to get Hermannated!







Blackstone is a 6% Porter and is a pale and chocolate treat that comes very year in the cold months.


Porter is a British tradition so why not take out some fish and chips so you can enjoy at home and escape the rains? They also match up great with favorites from across the pond such as meat pies, even desert. Try it with come chocolate pudding or even or even some holiday tarts.







Want a break from tradition? Hoyne’s Wolf Vine wet hopped pale ale is back and it’s a doozy. A bit stronger at 5.3% but this is a can’t miss for fans of hoppy IPA bitterness.


The bitter nature of hops is best when paired with something nice and spicy. Try it with some spicy Thai food or maybe some Mexican goodness. The bitterness will accentuate the spice in ways you never imagined.


Craft beer is becoming so popular, it’s a great time to start thinking about what beer pair with your favourite meals, and vice versa. What are the special pairings you enjoy? Sound off in the comments.