Make, Bake, or Grow: Why you can't miss the Esquimalt Farmers Market

If there’s one thing you absolutely MUST do before the summer ends, it’s visit a local Farmer’s Market. Picture this for a moment – it’s the (late) morning after the (late) night before and for better or worse, you’re nursing a much-needed coffee. You wander through the lazy crowd, giving the peaches an appreciative squeeze as you peruse stall after stall bending with organic produce, while children laugh and the strains of an acoustic guitar gently sweep the cobwebs away. Sounds like the opening scene to a Gilmour Girls episode I know, but rest assured… this is Victoria.

The newest addition to the list of markets on the Times Colonist’s interactive market map is the Esquimalt Farmers Market. Located behind the Library in the Esquimalt Town Center, this little neighborhood market opened in March 2015 and the response was incredible! The core tenants of the market are simple: Make, Bake or Grow. Supporting local growers and producers who adhere to environmentally sustainable practices, opens up the market to neighbourhood farmers and artisans whose yield is limited by the size of their home, which is awesome, if not ridiculously quaint. Not only is the economy being stimulated internally but those is search of great produce and a neighbourhood market vibe sans touristy chinz will be more than impressed. Esquimalt has become a model of Sustainable Market Culture – a progressive method of creating and strengthening the bonds of community.

But this wholesome, community-driven image is somewhat new for the Esquimalt area. Esquimalt has long had the stigma of being Victoria’s little cousin from the wrong side of the bridge - rough and tumble with more than a few dodgy friends. But things have started to change in the last few years. A recent crime report from the Victoria Police Department shows that Esquimalt is on par with Fairfield and Oak Bay, places which have maintained their squeaky clean reputation since…forever. Sure, there was a time when Esquimalt was a rougher industrial part of town, home to blue-collar docks workers and petty criminals but so much about the area has changed for the better. The municipality has focused on bringing community driven, family-friendly events to the area with the Township Community Arts Council and now the Farmers Market. In late 2014, a meeting was held to gauge the community’s response to a proposed Farmers Market, in early 2015 the first market day was held. You don’t get results like that from an estranged community riddled with crime.

With live music, artisans, farmers, food trucks and the Esquimalt Little Free Library exchange this market has become more than just a place to wander and buy local produce. It’s the hub for a community with a hell of a lot of heart.

*The Esquimalt Farmers Market season has been extended to September 24th! 

Video credit: Gabe from Esquimalt Parks and Recreation

Photo credit: Vanessa from Esquimalt Farmers Market

Poster design: Tara from Digitally Crafted