New Year

Happy New Year

So another Christmas is behind us and the New Year is right around the corner. Between nursing a sugar and cheese hangover, trying to stay relatively sober before New Years Eve and saying farewell to another Christmas while the tinsel and tree are packed away, there are a lot of emotions to sort through.

With each year that passes, at this point in the month, I find myself taking stock. This year has been difficult – the events on the world stage from devastating earthquakes, mass shootings, refugees and a clinically insane billionaire businessman as President of the U.S. are depressing enough. And then on a personal level, watching friends experience devastating loss, heartache and disappointment. But flip the coin and watch countries open their doors to the refugees (yay Canada!), earthquake survivors rebuild their lives, survivors of shootings standing bravely, expressing love and understanding toward their aggressors. Then I look next door and see friends welcoming new babies, celebrating sobriety, finding happiness, getting married. And each year, I am overwhelmed with how life is a series of paradoxes – conflicting experiences that creates this beautiful, roiling, emotional existence.

Ultimately though, at this time of year I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for the life I lead, my friends and family, my health and, of course, this gorgeous city we live in.

So for New Years I’m going to eat well, drink moderately, be merry and dispense with resolutions except one: be grateful - always be grateful.