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Top 10 Fall Activities in Victoria

The Salmon Run

This natural phenomenon happens every fall, right up the road at the picturesque Goldstream Provincial Park. Watch as thousands of Chum Salmon battle their way upstream to spawn and die - which is kind of a bummer when you think about it. But because the estuary is protected its also an incredibly pristine ecosystem, so even if you miss the Run, you can always come to check out the insane amount of bald eagles that come later in the season. But for now you can watch the Salmon Run until the end November – just make sure to bundle up!



The Royal BC Museum

As a kid, we would go to the museum in the fall and it is as awesome now as it was then. Make sure to experience Totem Hall in the First Peoples Galleries – the way the totems are lit in the otherwise dim hall is so powerful – get ready for goose-bumps! From the Natural History Gallery to the Old Timey Town the museum is hours of indoor warmth and a surprising amount of fun for kids of all ages. Yay learning!



The Buchart Gardens 

Built over a century ago on the site of an exhausted quarry, the Butchart Gardens are now one of the world’s premier floral show gardens. Open all year round, the gardens showcase the best flora each season has to offer. The Autumn brings a riot of colour that is not to be missed!





Hit a Spa


What better way to spend a chilly, rain-soaked, wind-swept weekend than by basking in the luxury of one of Victoria’s many incredible spas? If you’re looking for a funky, organic experience, look no further than Silk Road to melt your fall chills. Be sure to pick up some goodies to make your own at-home spa and keep the cold at bay. Or book yourself into The Spa at the Delta Ocean Pointe for a purely pampered experience. Whatever your speed, Tourism Victoria’s great list of pure pampering havens will help you chose the best one for you; or you could work your way through them all! You know you deserve it.


Catch a Show 

Dan Mangan. Nov 19th. I hope you got tickets. That is all.









The Ogden Point Breakwater 


On a sunny fall day grab your warmest touque, a cup of coffee and head to the breakwater. Stroll out to the end of the pier and keep your eyes peeled for our marine locals, get buffered by chilly, clean sea air and take in the breathtaking view of the Olympic Range. On your way back to Dallas Road make sure to check out the Na’ Tsa’ maht (The Unity Wall). The history of Esquimalt and Songhees Nations is beautifully interpreted in this public art project. 



Pub Crawl 

What better way to manage a chilly fall afternoon than gather a few friends and head out on a pub crawl? With the amount of Victoria establishments who have incredible craft beer options, you’ll be spoiled for choice! Map out your route and go to! There are also awesome brewery tours that will pull back the curtain on Victoria’s craft beer and cider scene for those into like to mix education and drinking.



Coffee Crawl 

Think pub-crawl, but with coffee! Victoria has kick-ass, locally owned coffee shops that use locally roasted (sometimes even on-site roasted), fair trade beans - and if that doesn’t get your motor running, the caffeine will.



Do Fine Dining 

For a small city, Victoria packs a punch when it comes to high gastronomy. Find delicate French fare at Restaurant Matisse or try elevated West Coast cuisine at Bella Montagne in Bastion Square. Plus any excuse to get out of that sweater and touque combo and take the ol’ Sunday best out for a spin is a good thing this time of year. 



Go for Brunch 

Weekend tradition, hangover helper, brunchkins, bro-brunch – whatever you call it, brunch is a Victoria tradition, and it’s no wonder with the amount of places serving up brilliant bennys. Eating with a group of people who all have different dietary needs? Mo:Lé is the place for your gaggle. There is literally something for everyone on the menu – no need for a million mods! Fancy a slice of history with your benny? Willie’s Café & Bakery is the place for you. Founded in 1887, this little bakery is BC’s oldest and is still serving up sumptuous dishes and fresh bread. AURA and LURE offer awesome brunch menus with breathtaking views and The Guild Freehouse has cozy brunch dishes in an elegantly revitalized heritage building. Or check out North 48 for fun, whimsical comfort food – it’ll make you feel like you’re a kid again!