Beacon Pub & Eatery




7 - 4154 Village Stroll


$ 19 - $ 26



The Beacon Pub & eatery stand behind the product we deliver on a daily basis. From food to beer we carefully source and sample to ensure top quality. We craft all of our stocks, sauces, soups and burgers from scratch on a daily basis using seasonal ingredients featuring a high percentage of local and organic products that only use ocean wise seafood and local Canadian farmers who recognize the importance of growing antibiotic, hormone and chemical free meats.

We feel it's important to know where your food comes from and that it is produced ethically and naturally not only for us but for the planet we all live on. Neil O'Brien, Executive Chef

Beacon Pub & Eatery. Showcasing BC craft spirits, beers and wines complimented by a locally sourced menu