Green Moustache




4340 Lorimer Road


$ 11 - $ 12



Being healthy should be #1 on everyone’s To-Do list and #2 should be visiting Green Moustache. If you are looking for something local, delicious and nutritious, Green Moustache has it. With fully organic juices, smoothies and fare, you will leave feeling refreshed and your body will thank you. Say goodbye to preservatives, processed foods or anything bought in a can. Find something for breakfast, lunch or dinner from smoothie bowls, to raw chili, there is something for every palate. No matter what you munch on, make sure you leave room for one of their legendary smoothies or juices. These healthy magicians will get your body back to where it needs to be.

 Go on, get a green moustache and sip on something your body deserves. Fresh, delicious and oh-so organic, do your body a favour!