Stonesedge Kitchen




13 - 4122 Village Green


$12 - $17



You really can have it all. This is the motto of Stonesedge Kitchen, where your traditional comfort food has been reinvented. Think organic local produce, free-range grass fed meat and homemade sauces and condiments. Here you can indulge in your guilty pleasure while knowing everything you consume has been carefully selected from only the highest quality ingredients. It’s almost like the angel and devil on your shoulders got together and made a deal. You’re allowed to be a little bad, while also feeling oh-so-good.

Don’t forget the drinks! Stonesedge offers tasty cocktails, craft beer, wine and cider on tap to accompany your meal. If you’re not already grabbing your keys, picture this: big windows, crystal chandeliers and exposed brick. This is a comfy-chic restaurant you won’t want to miss. Comfort is only a quick trip away.