Trattoria di Umberto

Trattoria di Umberto




4417 Sundial Place


$14.95 - $25.95



Tucked right in the heart of Whistler is a delightful taste of Tuscany. If you don’t know Umberto Menghi, you should. Umberto was born in Tuscany and spent his life practicing and perfecting his mastery. He brings his passion and art to each of his restaurants by serving only the finest in Italian cuisine. For a true Italian experience, delight in dishes like the Penne and Sausage Ragu or the Linguine with Vongole. Trattoria offers a true experience in fine dining with expert wine suggestions, a knowledgeable and friends staff and food that is truly legendary.

Transport yourself to Tuscany and delight in your Italian favorites made with expert quality. Perfect for a special occasion or date night, Umberto will not disappoint you.