Three Below Restaurant & Lounge




100-4295 Blackcomb Way


$ 13 - $ 25

Comfort always tastes good. It also feels good. That’s why at Three Below makes you feel ultra comfortable. Their tasty menu options like BBQ chicken and butter chicken pot pie will give you that sweatpants on the couch type of comfort, the kind we all strive for.  Located right near the movie theatre, this is the ideal spot for a pre-flick or post-flick bite and sip. Make sure you do not miss the cocktails. There is a menu stock full of them ranging from classics, to premiums to originals. Sip slowly on a Tropical Breeze or Key Lime Pie while you sink into a comfy booth and munch on your comfy, buttery, delicious meal. 

Don’t miss half rack Mondays for a killer deal on their finger-licking ribs. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. It’s comfort time.