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WARNING: Drool factor is high. Very high.



Hello Victoria they say? I say, "Yo, Vicky... how YOU doin'". 

Victorians have been spoiled with choice, quality, and value for some time now and it just never seems to stop. So we won't stop either. We are busy making the newest issue of the TASTE MAG Victoria field guide so your fingertips can do the walking. We are also updating online menus as they happen, and giving shout-outs left, right, and center (for the Milleniums, this means twitter, instragram, and Facebook). So find us here, there, and everywhere and share your adventures.



Oh Whistler!!  . Just when I thought I knew every little nook and cranny of your delicious landscape, you go and add a smorgasboard of reasons for me to love you more!   I feel the urge to take the gondola up to your mountain-tops and shout (er..tweet) about you to the world. And that is JUST what Jean and I are doing. We have lovingly curated all of your finest menus right here at TASTE MAG online and we are keeping them fresh for everyone 24/7/365. 

So F@#$ Pokemon Go! I'm going to follow my nose. And TASTE MAG online, of course.



Ack! Where do we begin? There are many reasons why people come to Banff, but I am sure we know the reason why people stay! Just saddle on up to a table at Banff's coolest, freshest, and finest establishments and you will know why, too. 

Food. And maybe the beer, too? And the fudge and ice cream? Oh, and don't forget the coffee (personal favourite: Second Cup). They stay for that, too. So take a break and flip through the menus we have gathered in our blog. Yeah, you'll feel like you just discovered gold, but share the news, damn it! There's plenty for everyone.



So just when you think Canmore couldn't get tastier....boom! It just did. Chef Blake just expanded his offerings and has a new venue. Sage keeps giving us something good to wine about, and the coffee scene is roasting up beans for flat whites that will send your taste bugs to new peaks. This town has it all. Uh-huh, it's worth the road trip from Edmonton to come down for dinner and a rad mountain weekend retreat. Why the heck not? We'll have your table waiting!

Jump in a see what Canmore's chefs have dished out for this fall!



If you think Squamish just has a Taco Bell on the highway and a DQ downtown, then you need to get the 2018 menu memo! Things have changed a lot even though your Stan Smith’s haven’t, so it’s time to put on your dining shoes and step up to our Squamish tables. We have casual eats, upscale newbies, #publife (that’s a thing?), and good folk to meet,

So where do you begin? Well that’s where we come in. All the menus are right here. They’re all here, just for you. You’re welcome. ***kiss*** kiss***