Old Spaghetti Factory




317 Banff Avenue


$11 - $20



Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love spaghetti? The Old Spaghetti Factory takes all your pasta favourites and delivers them with sauces made daily from scratch. Sometimes you have to put your diet on hold and indulge in some much deserved carbs. Every entree at the Old Spaghetti Factory comes with soup or salad, their warm fresh baked sour dough bread and whipped garlic butter. And garlic butter is as good as it sounds.  Here you will find a comfy spot for the whole family to eat and not break the bank.

This carb heavy experience will leave you feeling satisfied and full of all things delicious. Come on, carb-o-load a little, you deserve it.

Castello Ristorante

Castello Ristorante

Craving a taste of the “La Dolce Vita”? Reserve your table at Castello Ristorante now to feel as though you are gazing at the Coliseum from a tiny Italian bistro. At Castello, the pastas are hand-made, the pizza is perfection and the desserts are the perfect end to any meal. Did someone say vino? Castello boasts the largest Italian wine collection in all of Banff. That’s right, your Italian vino dream can be realised at Castello.