Cowboy BBQ Cookout by Banff Trail Riders




132 Banff Avenue


$ 95 - $ 156






There is steak and then there is steak sizzled on the grill at the Cowboy BBQ Cookout in the heart of the Rockies. Is there a difference? Ah..duh.. YES, Pard'ner!

First, you choose your ride. Depending on whether your are feeling like Cowboy or Pioneer, you have the choice between horse or wagon. Either way, breathtaking scenery abounds all the way to your Western destination awaiting you at Mile 3.

As the talented Cookout Crew get to fixin' your meal, there is plenty of fun to rustle up. Try your hand at playing Horseshoe or by testing out your lasso skills. Yes, I said lasso.

With your appetite nicely worked up, you saddle up to your table and enjoy your meal: Alberta Beef steak, perfect potatoes, baked beans made from scratch, crisp salad, and tasty squares, I assure you, there's nothing like it in Banff. 

Oh, and then there is the voyage home. With your belly full and you feeling a little more John Wayne than before you left, the unmatched views of the Sulphur Mountain Trail and the Windy Knoll will be the perfect cherry on this experience.